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The Location
  • Aponisos is situated in the south west side of Agistri Island. It is a private island located in a wonderful area which seems to be forgotten by time, maintaining its natural beauty as it used to be hundred years ago. Yes, believe it! This paradise with its several pine trees and clear blue waters is just one hour away from the port of Piraeus.
  • Each visitor can either come by car, motorcycle or the local bus which performs seven scheduled routes during summer time from 8 am to 7pm, as it covers a 6 kilometer distance from the main harbor of Skala where the boat from Piraeus or Aegina arrives. Two other boats also come; the first one called Agistri Express goes to the ports of Skala and Miloi (Megalohori of Agistri) and the Flying Dolphin which performs routes from/to Piraeus, Aegina and the port of Miloi.
  • Although, there are 6 kilometers that separate the port of Skala with Aponisos Island, the visitor can be very pleased, due to the beautiful pine trees along it. The quality of the road is very good, and you shall not experience any problems.
  • Just a little after Limenaria Village, the visitor will come into visual contact with the really incredible formation of the coastline, bounded by the tense pine- glad vegetation. The senses literally become awakened by the breathtaking beauties of nature, which come one after the other to allure us.
  • Right at the end of the road and above the sea, there is a tavern where the visitor can enjoy fresh seafood. A little further, you will see a graphic port and a platform which leads you to…. Paradise, Aponisos Island!

Here is some useful information:

  • Aponisos Island is a private island that remains open to visitors from June 1st till October 15th.
  • The visitor is able to rent umbrellas and sun beds so as to enjoy swimming in this of rare beauty beach.
  • At the entrance of the island there is traditional tavern.
  • Due to the owner’s effort to save the beauty of the landscape there are no rooms or hostel built.
  • People that like camping can also come.